Monday, April 23, 2012

Lil' Sailor Dress

 I've seen a plethora of those pillow-case dresses on etsy and I've never been a fan.  I just think they look...well, boring.  Until I made this one!!  I used this pattern.  Okay, I strayed from the pattern and just did what I wanted to do with the dress.  So, no sleeves.  Lots of ruffles though! I wanted an additional layer of ruffle on the bottom of the dress but I ran out of blue fabric! Dang. This dress is quite easy to make, though adding the ruffles did take some time.  I love having a serger! I'm sure that I have mention this fact multiple time already but I really do! I love using the rolled edge over-lock stitch.  It saves so much time and makes the outfit look professional.
 What I love most about this dress is that it was free to make! I used all leftover fabric.  The white fabric I got for free (I still have about 8 yards left) and the blue fabric is leftovers from Gabe's pea-coat lining.  The lining works great for the ruffle trim because it's very lightweight.

Here's the lil' sailor, complete with tattoos (she just happened to have big-bro's tattoos on while modeling this!): 
Total Cost: $0

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  1. A cute modern version of a sailor dress minus the tatoo!