Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Elisa's Halloween Outfit.

There are many Halloween outfits to choose from, but I wanted something completely original and totally adorable for Elisa.  No one should be surprised then, that I decided to make her an outfit.   Here's how I did it:
Shirt: $3 at walmart.  I cut out letters out of sparkly felt ($1)  with an xacto-knife (I originally wanted a spider, but it didn't work out.  Then I glued a ribbon with a sparkly to the shirt.  That's it!
Skirt: $0, since I used left over tulle.  My dad helped out with cutting the tulle, which was a great help especially since I absolutly abhore cutting tulle! I got lazy and actually GLUED the tulle together (not recomended) but in the end it turned out super cute because it gave the skirt structure so that it pops up like a ballerina tutu.
Hairbow: $0, made from leftover ribbon (never throw out ribbon, you never know when you will use it!).  I made it using corkscrew ribbon and glue.
Legwarmers: $2 at Joannes, I bought women's size knee-highs, chopped off the feet, sewed ribbon onto a peice of elastic and sewed it on the leg warmers.  So cute, and super easy!

Total price: $6! Can't beat that on an outfit this cute!!


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